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  • Omega-3 MD Testimonial 1

    I am 65 years young! Generally, I am doing OK healthwise but the last few years have taken their toll on my joints. I started taking Omega-3 MD about 3 months ago and have not looked back. It has helped me so much and I don't seem as forgetful as I was once either. This is a great quality product.

    Brian E. - Retired School Teacher

  • Omega-3 MD Testimonial 2

    This is a real find! The high dosage of fatty acids (EPA and DHA) it contains are the highest I have seen in any omega-3 product anywhere. I started taking omega-3 years ago to ward off any cognitive decline - I have several relatives suffering with Alzheimer's and I'm doing everything I can to stop myself becoming another victim. I have taken many different brands but this is by far the best. No fishy aftertaste. Nothing else added. Simply just omega-3 fish oil. Just what I need. I highly recommend this product.

    John R. - Chemical Engineer

  • Omega-3 MD Testimonial 3

    I was diagnosed with exercise induced asthma when I was 21 years old. It steadily got worse, especially in extremes of cold/hot. I use an inhaler as and when I need it but felt I needed something natural to take daily. So, I opted for omega-3 which I know has many other benefits also. It definitely hasn't cleared my asthma but I for sure don't use my inhaler as much as I used to do.

    Tammy B. - Lawyer

  • Omega-3 MD Testimonial 4

    I take omega 3 for many health benefits. It is a great addition to the other daily vitamins I take to help sustain a healthy lifestyle. It helps regulate my blood pressure, keeping it low and stable. It also helps with alleviating my joint pain and inflammation and is great for strengthening my immune system also. They have a great customer service team and their delivery times are second to none.

    Jake G. - Chef

  • Omega-3 MD Testimonial 5

    I have been taking this for a couple of months and I feel so much better. I am on the verge of menopause and my moods are all over the place. This has helped me feel more balanced and not so irritable. This is a very good quality product. Try it - you will not be disappointed!

    Katie D. - Family Physician

  • Omega-3 MD Testimonial 6

    This is easy to take and leaves me without fishy burps or aftertaste. Other omega-3 products have not always been so kind! I take this for general health benefits and have to say that I am unlikely to ever stop taking this as it makes me feel great.

    Mark S. - Prison Officer

  • Omega-3 MD Testimonial 1

    Last year, I had a mild heart attack, at 45 years old and mother of two, this threw me and scared me and my family senseless. I changed my lifestyle drastically - diet, exercise, job.... and have started taking several multi-vitamins a day to ensure my cholesterol stays low and to make sure that this does not happen again. Omega-3 MD is the best omega-3 oil out there and I feel good that I am doing everything possible to make sure I don't suffer another heart attack. We only get one chance to do the right things for our bodies. Look after what we have been given.

    Wendy C. - Bank Clerk

  • Omega-3 MD Testimonial 2

    Top Quality Product!!! Has the highest dosage of EPA and DHA from any of the omega-3 supplements out there. This is well worth every dime!

    Brian C. - Behaviour Analyst

  • Omega-3 MD Testimonial 3

    I bought this for my teenage son during his exams. It worked so well. He achieved good grades but the best bit, his stress was minimal. He still takes it on/off because he says he feels better when he does take it than when he doesn't. I figure, it's money well spent. If my son is happy then I'm happy!

    Samantha F. - Graphic Designer


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